A Wake In Providence kündigen ihr neues Album „Eternity“ an

Ganze drei Jahre ist es her das die Deathcoretruppe A Wake In Providence ihr Album „The Blvck Sun// The Blood Moon“ veröffentlicht hat.

Nun geht die Reise mit „Eternity“ weiter, denn die Jungs haben hiermit ein neues Album in der Pipeline!


1 An Odyssey Through The River (Overture)
2 The Horror ov The Old Gods
3 We Are Eternity
4 Siamo Legati Dal Terrore
5 The Hunt ov The Wraith (First Movement)
6 The Book ov The Eldritch (Second Movement)
7 The Court ov The Trinity (Final Movement)
8 Weep into The Abyss, For it Hears You Not…
9 Vicious Attenuation

Die Band beschreibt die LP wie folgt:

„‚Eternity is the album I’ve wanted to write for years but the time wasn’t right and now it is. This album is extremely personal and close to us for that exact reason. It tackles some serious issues around mental health that I feel don’t get addressed often and need to be through the lens of dark story. Everything in this album comes directly from experience, such experience that other people should not feel alone in. This is the culmination of all things I have wanted to do from a musical and lyrical standpoint for years and a true testament to patience and perseverance from a time perspective. I’m so excited for this chapter of AWIP with Unique Leader on our side, and want to say thank you to everyone for being patient with us on this journey! We Are Eternity.“ 

Releasedatum ist der 21.10.2022 via. Unique Leader Records

Musikalisch gibt es mit der neuen Single „The Horror Ov The Old Gods“ auch schon mal einen weiteren Vorgeschmack!

12. August 2022 
8:57 Uhr
A Wake In Providence


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